With each degree the student will receive the following

  • Lunch and refreshments,
  • A comprehensive Manual of all the course work,
  • A Degree Certificate with stamps and seals,
  • A Certificate of their masters lineage dating back to Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Hawayo Takata.
  • An Attunement to the Reiki energy on the first day followed by others during the course work, by two Reiki Masters.

First Degree

The first degree gives you the ability to heal your self, your family, friends, animals and plants.

First Degree Reiki group

Second Degree

The second degree, gives you the extra ability to send and receive the energy, over long distance through time and space and prepares you to become a master by giving you more symbols and a finer attunement. A two day course and twenty one daily consultation with your master by email or phone.

Second Degree Reiki Group

Third Degree Master

The third degree is the Master degree and gives you the ability to attune others to the Reiki Energy:

  • Learn Meditation, crystal healing with Reiki,
  • The rules and laws on the metaphysical and universal levels concerning mankind and healing,
  • The understanding of a great number of symbols,
  • Experience a leap forward in your own personal development.

Two day course and one month daily consultations by email or phone with your master

Third Degree Masters Reiki Group

Fourth degree Teachers

This degree gives you the ability to teach and control a class of students.

  • Teach meditation, visualization, crystal healing as a clearing tool for emotional problems,
  • A greater understanding of what causes disease and how to get to its root cause,
  • Learn regression therapy and be able to teach it,
  • Learn to let go of the past and come into your own power.

This course takes three months of constant work between you and your master. Can be done one day a week here at The Centre of Light and Healing, with written work done at home or by email or the whole course done at your home by mail with your master. There is a lot of written work and home projects to do. At the end of the course you will be expected to take a group of at least six students, and complete a second degree course under the watchful eyes of at least two masters, you will by this time be a very strong master teacher.

Gail from Byron Bay Australia teaching Oki Do yoga at the Center of Light and Healing

Gail teaching Oki do yoga